Maison Foo

I am Producer for the brilliant Maison Foo! Based in Derby, they exist to create mischievous new theatre that challenges audiences and tickles their imagination. They devise visual theatre, that draws on influences of clowning and puppetry and takes the form of both street theatre and touring theatre.

Since September 2017, I have worked with Maison Foo to secure Arts Council England funding and a grant from the Evan Cornish Foundation to support a regional tour of their new show A Thing Mislaid, and the creation and delivery of the Refugee Friends Scheme

The show explores themes of migration, isolation, new friendships and hope. It has been made in consultation with our steering group at Derby Refugee Advice Centre and Derby Upbeat Communities, who have been informing the content and process of A Thing Mislaid and guiding the Refugee Friends Scheme to have its greatest affect across the Midlands. 

In Derby and throughout the regional tour, I have been working with our partners to make our work and the venues we visit a more welcoming experience for refugees and asylum seekers.

This has been a truly affirming experience, instilling a passion and commitment for me to produce work that supports and enriches the lives of displaced and marginalised people, whilst endeavouring to share our learning with colleagues and peers to encourage a warm and welcoming sector as a whole. 

Some highlights of this part of the project can be found here. As a result of our work, Maison Foo have now been awarded a Theatre Company of Sanctuary!

Keep an eye on how the project develops by following @MaisonFoo on Twitter, Liking Maison Foo on Facebook or visiting our website. To get in touch about Maison Foo email phoebe[at]

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