Flickbook Theatre

Flickbook Theatre formed in January 2014 as undergraduates intent on devising vibrant, joyous and brave theatre. We have taken part in a mentorship with Proto-type Theater, taken our first show to Edinburgh Fringe 2015 (winning an NSDF commendation for devised theatre), which then toured nationally, with our final date at Incoming Festival 2016.

We were In Good Company associate artists 2017-18, who supported us with the making and touring of our latest show, Casket Case (supported by Arts Council England).

In 2020, we decided to de-formalise and take the pressure off. We gave away our savings in an open bursary to two companies and one indie artist in spring 2020. Now, we are no longer a business, just Flickbook, intent on making theatre when it calls us.

Touring Theatre

Casket Case (2016-2018)
is an exploration of how fear of death can affect how we live. It’s about Jozey, who doesn’t really do anything that could possibly, even slightly, increase her risk of dying. Not even putting salt on her chips. Madness.
We are touring in Spring 2018 after our final development stage in January 2018.

Devisors/Performers: Jozey Wade, Becky Tyers, Phoebe Wall-Palmer
Director: Tom Briggs
Producer: Phoebe Wall-Palmer
Designer: Emma Tompkins
Dramaturg: Andrew Westerside
Support from: Alexander Kelly, Ruby Glaskin & Sarah Brigham
Supported by public funding from Arts Council England and co-commissioned by Lincoln Performing Arts Centre and In Good Company

Tour Dates
16, 17th & 18 February 2017, Lincoln Performing Arts Centre
14 March 2017, Camden Peoples Theatre Sprint Festival
22 April 2017, Mac Birmingham, First Bite Festival
22 July 2017 Derby Theatre, Departure Lounge Festival
22 February 2018 Lincoln Drill Hall
7 March 2018 Brewhouse Arts Centre, Burton
8 March 2018 Mansfield Old library
20 April 2018 Attenborough Arts Centre, Leicester
25 April Guildhall Arts Centre, Grantham
26 April Riverhead Theatre, Louth

Phil Crow 1

Cartography (2015-2016)
Sarah is busy dying. She is studying maps of places she never intends to go. John is driven to travel by the need to be someone interesting. He is drawing lines across continents, counting the borders he’ll cross and the cities he’ll see. Both are looking for a future when they meet each other. Through song, string and a bright red anorak, this is a show that asks if we’ll know happiness when we get there.

Devisers/Performers: Jozey Wade, Becky Tyers, Phoebe Wall-Palmer, Tom Briggs
Designed and Directed: The company
Producer: Phoebe Wall-Palmer
Dramaturg: Michael Pinchbeck
Supported & Commissioned by The Lincoln Company & University of Lincoln

Tour Dates

August 2015, Edinburgh Fringe Festival
26, 27, 28 November 2015, Theatre Deli Sheffield
12 February 2016, Leadenham Village Hall
31 March 2016, Margate Theatre Royal
6 & 7 April 2016, Oxford Playhouse
26 June 2016, Incoming Festival, New Diorama London

Arts Projects


Our Lincolnshire (2016)

Commissioned by University of Lincoln and Arts Council England, Flickbook Theatre and Egg Box Theatre spent time in rural communities in Lincolnshire that have historically low engagement with the arts.

We spent each Saturday in Grantham and each Sunday in Louth across 8 weeks, getting to know the locals and finding out what life is like in each community. Throughout we collected photos, looked through archives, interviewed businesses, artists, librarians and historians.

With some budding participants we devised a reflective performance for the people of each town, celebrating their heritage and highlighting the strengths in their communities.

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