The Big House: Produce Scheme


“To support local theatre makers get projects back on track post Covid-19”

I’m very chuffed to share that I have been selected, along with 3 other indi producers in the midlands, to be a consultant producer on this new project. Theatre makers and companies based in the Nottinghamshire or Derbyshire area are eligible to apply, makers and companies who have seen a change in their plans and projects due to the Coronavirus pandemic, and subsequent lockdowns, resulting in new shows or projects being delayed or changed.

If you are eligible, you’ll get a whole package of support designed for you, which may include workshops, one-to-one’s with Derby Theatre staff and up to 12 hours of mentorship with me or one of the other brilliant producers.

You can find out more, including how to apply, here.

Witch Of the Week

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This was a mini interview I did with the brilliant Women in the Arts team! Please go and check out all of the amazing work that they do here. I strongly suggest connecting with them if you are making any form of art in the East Mids. The original interview can be found here.

How did you get into your creative field?

Sometimes you just fall into it! I started out as a performer, through and through. But I think my passion (modest need for control) and drive took over and I carved out a role for myself. I’m now a theatre producer, with some performing on the side. I really had no idea what a producer was a few years ago. The best definition I’ve come across is someone who simply ’gets shit done’. Sometimes it’s difficult on the outside to see why it’s a creative role, but it absolutely is. I think there is a lot of creativity in problem solving, relationship building and collaborating with artists to make a vision come true. Plus, I have some very beautiful spreadsheets. 

What are you working on at the moment?

In Lincoln i’m currently working with Lincoln Performing Arts Centre. I’m the creative producer for One Hundred, a project that celebrates and marks 100 years of women’s suffrage. It’s been a huge learning experience; it’s the first time I’ve led on a project solo, but luckily we’ve formed a super team of local women as a steering group to really guide where the project goes. So it’s been a great balance. The most enriching and empowering part has been meeting so many women doing fantastic things in Lincolnshire, often under the radar! I’ve met with countless artists, engineers, politicians, commercial businesswomen, charity directors… I’ve become really interested in where the arts intercepts with academia, or with local businesses for example. There’s a lot we can learn from outside our own bubble.I think what the suffragettes and suffragists has taught me is that there is power in sisterhood, in diverse skills and a collective aim. One Hundred has really felt like an homage to that. 

What are your plans for the future?

I’ve been working for lots of companies and projects since I graduated, which is brilliant as every day is different! But, I’m hoping to be in a position where I can spark my own projects too; One Hundred has definitely built my confidence to do that.  Long, long term I would love to be running a venue, supporting artists and to be in a position to make positive change in the industry. 

How have you been involved with WITA?

I’m a big fan girl. I haven’t been part of it as much as I’d like, but I got along to the last showcase and was just astounded at the performances, the energy and vibrancy in the room. It was electric. I’m so impressed by the powerhouse of Team WITA and all the women that make it so brilliant and life-changing for artists in this city. I look forward to taking part more and more next year. 

A local artist who’s work you love?

Through WITA and One Hundred I’ve come across the amazing work of Jayne Cooper who is based in Louth. I’m a sucker for simple, bold and unapologetic artwork; Jayne does that in spades. It’s powerful stuff. Please check her out! I’m chuffed to bits that she will be running a workshop as part of One Hundred on 25th Nov, you can book a free place on the Lincoln Performing Arts Centre website. (

How can we connect with you?

For quips it’s Twitter @pheebs_wp, for pictures of my dog it’s Instagram @pheebs_wp and you can get in touch via my website: If you are interested in being part of the One Hundred Project, or to find out more, just email me on or join the Facebook Group